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Appointment individually by arrangement



TDM- Energetic cleaning

Do you not only want to cleanse yourself with a spring detox, but also want to breathe new life into your four walls? Energetic cleansing can bring more well-being, contentment, and joyful momentum to your home.

TDM- Energetic cleaning
TDM- Energetic cleaning

Zeit & Ort

Appointment individually by arrangement


Über die Veranstaltung

Everything lives, vibrates and influences our being.


Even if we can't see it or touch it, we are also influenced by the habitat around us.


Do you know when you can literally "cut" the air after an argument or a discussion?

When the room is filled with an oppressive feeling?


Or have you moved and have the feeling that you can't "arrive"?


All of this can be balanced and harmonized with an energetic cleansing in order to set our living space in high vibration.


This is also recommended to support body therapy. In this way, the newly aligned body can experience new integration in a high-vibrational environment.


Procedure: The rooms or the body are balanced via distant energetics. No matter where in the whole wide world you are located. You will also receive further instructions for self-cleaning.


Are you curious?


Then feel free to get in touch for the first consultation and invite joyful energies into your life and your home.


Distance treatment per 30 min 85€


* TDM human

* TDM house, apartment & land


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